Hello my faves! It has been a while since we reconnected, I have been doing this life thing and wow, adulting is a lot! But here we are.

Today I want to talk about something very close to my heart, trust. To me trust is very important, you cannot have a good relationship with anyone without trust. I found myself in a dilemma and it showed me that the people I trust really came through for me. Be a trustworthy person, be a person with a healing spirit, be a person people are comfortable with when you are there.


Keep pushing

Sometimes dreams delayed are not dreams denied and it happens that we may swerve on the wrong path but it is imperative that you keep going, do not lose track of your focus, it may be overwhelming at times to deal with a plateful and you may tend to neglect the most important aspect in your life, YOU. yes you matter, you are important and its important-er to always chase your goal, be consistent, be goal driven and let nothing deem your light. You are golden.


Friendship that matters.

I remember a period in my life where I was so sad, like so sad, nothing made me happy anymore, my mental health ws unstable and I felt engulfed by this world, but my friends came through for me, they became my safe place, I knew I could confide in them without getting judged, their support and love was immerse and if it wasn’t for them, I’m not sure how I would have made it out.

I am forever grateful for them, a lesson I learnt is that, having people reciprocate your energy is a blessing. Appreciate your friends more, support them, love them.


Renew your mind

I have always been one to not shy away from talking about everything I felt to my close friends and family, I had to make it known how I felt so that I can find my way back to myself. In doing so, it made me never lose touch with what I wanted to achieve in my life and I remember I can at a point in my life where I just did not talk, it did not matter anymore to me. I did not see the need for it and I slowly started losing my passion, I lost the bits and pieces that made my sun shine a bit more and I was not aware.

Writing became my safe space, it is there that I could not shy away from the pen and paper and I knew this was my safe place, I reignited that passion I had, of not only talking but standing up for what I believe in. For not being scared to lose a friend because of what I stand for. I then realized I will not be who I fully am if I am not passionate in standing up for what I believe in.

Speak what is on your mind even if it makes you scared, allow yourself to be passionate again about a certain hobby or talent in you, let your voice be heard, do not bottle things up to make the next person feel happy.

It is about you.

  • You matter
  • Your voice deserves to be heard
  • Stand firm on what you believe in
  • Be courageous
  • Remain fearless


While this may be a tough journey walk through it is needed, for your sanity, for your contentment. You can never run away from healing, healing from past experiences, healing from not being able to achieve certain goals at a certain time, healing from wrong choices you made.

When you start accepting everything you went through, you start healing, when you acknowledge that no trials lasts forever it is when you start healing.

Reflection :

  • What can you do to help you move past trauma?
  • How do you begin to accept things I cannot change?
  • How can I let everything go?

I pray and wish that you find yourself again. Love and light to you❤

What it truly means to be happy.

A state of mind

I used to think its a cliche when people used to say, it takes the inner you to make the outer you happy, and to a then teenager who wanted everything when I wanted it, I thought, nope! These grown ups are really losing it. Little did I know that all it took was me. Yep, a whole me, I had to work with me to make me happy.

At first it sounded so awkward cause I thought growing up will automatically make me happy, that I will get to decide what to do and when without anyone else dictating my every move.

Well, well, well, you know when they say ‘mothers know best’ I now know why they said that, I got to a place in my life where I was just sad, I could see myself gasping away, my light was slowly deeming and I had no strength in me to fight for it, it was then that I realized that, if I wanted to be happy, a LOT of things had to change, you are what you attract, I started my mornings with affirmations

  • You are beautiful
  • You are worth it
  • You will not fail for God is with you (Psalm 43:5)
  • You are amazing
  • You are a gift and a blessing
  • You are excelling
  • You are victorious
  • You are at peace
  • You are not your past or your mistakes
  • You are the light of this world.

As my affirmations grew so did my positive vibes to myself, in order to be happy and at peace, let the inner you heal, so the outer you can be content

Red Sea : A story of faith, hope and redemption.

Many of us are familiar with this story of the Red Sea, found in Exodus, and to those who do not know it, it is about God using Moses to drive out Israelites out of Egypt after many years of hardship and slavery.

Moses came in their Israelites lives when all hope was lost, when there really wasn’t light at the end of the tunnel. He gave them hope again, that someday they will be free, they will be free from the bondage of slavery.


Just as many of us are going to deep ends of trials, we are somehow engulfed by this world, forgetting that, greater is he in us than the one in the world (1John 4:4). The Lord will always make a way for us to get out of the red sea, he is there guiding our every movement, it may not seem like that now but he is fighting for us, he is lighting our way so we may walk in a path he has for us.

Leaving your comfort zone may seem hard but you will never grow, never conquer while you are still in one position. Trust God to lead you out, to make a way, he always comes through on time. ❤

Keep moving. Never stop

Never stop until you are done.

Have you ever felt like there’s no more strength in you to continue, that, that bubbly and full of life person you once were is slowly fading and there’s nothing you can do? Well there’s nothing that doesn’t come to an end.

Earlier on I was reading the bible, Daniel 3 came on, the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, a story of hope, faith, trust and believing in what you stand for. This story shows that no matter what life throws you, whatever brings you down, keep moving in faith, believe in yourself, trust God that he will effortlessly carry you out of that burning furnace, out of trials and tribulations. Trust in him. No matter what happens, keep on moving, you are worth it.

Withholding nothing


What joy is it to completely give yourself to God in prayer, knowing and trusting in his word that he has got your back all the time, how great is that? Knowing that there’s God who unconditionally loves you, who yearns for you, who waits for you, who doesn’t doubt you? How great is that? Knowing that even if you walk in the valley of death he is there, fighting and protecting you.

There’s no greater feeling than giving yourself to God, have you ever had that sense of peace during a prayer? That yes, finally everything is going to be great? Talk to God, go to him, he’s waiting.

Make praying your lifestyle and watch as your life start unfolding for the better.

This is the day the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it. Be blessed. God loves you. Unconditionally so.

At the end of the tunnel

Fight for your light.

Have you ever had someone tell you it is going to get better, while you are in the middle of a tribulation? When they tell you hang in there but all you see a glimpse of hope fading away, when everything in you is tired, how do you begin picking yourself up?

Well my answer is, it won’t get better until you do something about it, it might seem hard but you only start healing when you start accepting, accepting does not mean defeat, acceptance means you are now taking charge of your life, no matter how tough things get, breath, accept, pray, do not wallow in self-pity, fight for yourself, imagine how grateful your future self will be knowing you fought to keep your light.

Keep fighting for your serenity and peace. You are worth it.

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